We grow BSF larvae to upcycle food waste and produce protein.
Zeronix Bio
technology requires insignificant amounts of water and energy and emits a fraction of GHGs.
Sustainable production:
adult BSF larvae contain up to 60% protein, fatty acids and nutrients.
High-quality protein:
in just 14 days BSF larvae upcycle food waste to frass, a natural fertilizer.
Effective upcycling
To ensure that the production runs non-stop and requires minimum human labor, we have set up automatic microclimate control and automatic lines for separation, drying and packaging of the larvae.
We launched an automated production of protein from Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae based on environmentally friendly raw materials - food waste. This way we solve two global challenges at once: we upcycle food waste and create a sustainable and economical source of protein.
We rely on the natural process of bioconversion. BSF larvae feed on food waste, converting it into frass, a natural fertilizer. After 14 days, they grow 5 times their original weight, having accumulated protein and useful nutrients. Adult larvae contain up to 60% protein and 30% fat and become a nutritious feed additive for animals, birds and fish.
What we offer
Fertilizer production
Farms and agricultural enterprises
Plant nurseries
Gardening enthusiasts
Protein production
Livestock and fish farms
Animal feed manufacturers
Pet food manufacturers
Food waste upcycling
Food manufacturers
Supermarkets and other food retailers
Restaurants and other catering enterprises
Farms and other agricultural enterprises
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