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Строительные отходы

Composite paper

Organic waste

We encounter it every day: Tetra Pak packaging, disposable “paper” cups. Composite paper consists of several layers (paper, plastic, aluminum), which makes its recycling a technological challenge. We recycle composite paper by dry defibration technology, producing cellulose fiber and polyaluminum.
Organic waste makes up more than 50% of MSW: food leftovers, expired products, vegetables and fruit peel. We develop a technology for recycling organic waste with the larvae of Black Soldier Fly. They feed on organic waste and in just 14 days process a batch of organic waste into nutrient fertilizer.
In Russia, only 7% of annually generated MSW gets recycled. This is due to the underdeveloped infrastructure for separate waste collection and the low citizen participation. We are developing
a solution for local waste sorting to make separate waste collection easier, more transparent and efficient.
Local sorting
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