There is no waste.
The waste is not hidden. It gets recycled
We are convinced that there is no more place on Earth for waste. Looking for a new one is pointless, ignoring it is destructive. Our task is not only to find ways to recycle up to 80% of waste, but also to set up waste management for people and businesses in the decades to come. Our goal is to give waste a life cycle, thus reducing the need for primary recyclables.
We are created in order to facilitate the transition to "no waste": we combine scientific and industrial achievements for this purpose.
Zeronix today is:

Waste sorting and analysis
Recycling organic waste (biowaste)
We chose to figure it all out ourselves, so we spent over 6 months collecting, sorting and then analysing the waste. Why we do it ourselves? Because we think this is the right approach for the planet. We have compiled a lot of honest information which we are now ready to share with you.
Biowaste currently accounts for more than 50% of total waste*, which is the reason for our company to actively explore this category of waste. The main methods of dealing with organic waste are composting and larval cultivation. For larvae, organic waste is a substrate for food and by feeding on biowaste, larvae are actively gaining weight in the first weeks, which results in high quality protein and fats.
*All data was obtained by sorting and analysing the waste at the company's own sorting centre.
PET recycling for food products
PET for food can be recycled, but the end result is hardly satisfactory. Due to the temperature and chemical reactions, the quality of the plastic deteriorates. It can be used for household products but not for foodstuffs. A new packaging has to be made. This is not the way to reduce the amount of plastic in nature. Therefore, our goal is to recycle PET for food products without loss of quality and to do it more than 10 times to be able to use it again for food storage.
Few people realise how much composite paper food packaging (e.g. disposable tableware, cups, tetra pak) is used by mankind every day and usually ends up in landfill for centuries.
We could not pass up this category of waste. Already today, Zeronix is working on the refinement of dry-cutting technology, which makes it possible to effectively separate the foil and/or polymer layer from high quality paper fibres that are further usable.
A world without waste is not difficult. Do whatever you did before, but keep it right and smart. And waste is our concern.
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