ZERONIX and DODO BRANDS Discuss Collaboration

Today, the separate collection, sorting and recycling of waste is considered an act of activism with which business has nothing to do. Changing this perspective is our main task. And this is possible if the process is truly efficient and cost-effective. We agreed on this with Altyn Nugmanova, Dodo Brands Sustainability Director.

The Dodo Brands team came to visit our composite paper recycling facility to see for themselves how efficiently we recycle waste. At the meeting, we also discussed how we can make the world cleaner by connecting pizza producers with professionals in the field of waste disposal.

A complex approach
At the meeting, we told the Dodo Brands team about our mission and offered a comprehensive solution for waste management: we will collect, remove, sort, and recycle. Of course, for starters, we did not forget to mention an unusual way of processing food waste - with the help of the larvae of the Black Soldier fly. We lively discussed this topic, answered questions and proceeded to the most interesting.

Composite Paper Recycling
Previously, TetraPak packaging, disposable coffee cups and dishware were considered non-recyclable fractions, because in addition to paper they contain a layer of aluminum and plastic film. But today nothing is impossible. And we proved it:
– showed how the separator separates paper from polymer by dry defibration method,
– demonstrated cellulose fiber and polyaluminum,
- told what can be produced from the resulting recycled materials.

Mutual pursuit of excellence
We do not stand still and are ready to help others to get better. The joint project of Zeronix and Dodo Brands is a chance to show that environmental initiatives can be truly beneficial for business.
We hope that together with Dodo Brands we will implement an important R&D project: we will develop cost-effective models for organizing the separate collection and recycling of waste in public catering. This is a difficult but possible task. Especially when we are surrounded by like-minded people. We offer competencies, resources and technologies. Dodo Brands offers waste points, constant contact and feedback from visitors. We will learn from each other!

Instead of conclusion
It's cool when a business shows interest in recycling. And we were lucky - we found like-minded people. The Dodo Brands team are somewhat similar to us: lively, driven, interested in ecology and the topic of waste recycling. We are sure that together we will make a cool inspiring project.