Renwex Exhibition: renewable energy and electric vehicles

Zeronix team visited the Renwex trade show dedicated to renewable energy and electric transport. The event brought together developers and manufacturers of technologies in the field of renewable energy sources. 

When visiting the exhibition, it may seem that the event is dedicated, first of all, to electric transport, and only secondly, to renewable energy sources. After all, almost half of the exhibitors are manufacturers or distributors of electric vehicles or charging stations. In this, Renwex perfectly reflected the dynamics of the market with rapid development of electric vehicles. The exhibition presented many models of various configurations - from a light golf cart to a full-fledged crossover. We would like to mention the startup Volt2Go: the Skolkovo resident company presented a model for mobile charging of electric vehicles. The solution is simple - a small van with battery installed in the back for recharging. A great way out if your electric car is dead and there is no charging station nearby - you can call Volt2Go.

As for RES, alas, we did not see the most interesting technology for us - the production of energy from waste, although such a sector was announced by the organizers. Nevertheless, we saw many options for solar panels, including very miniature ones that can be mounted on a backpack or tent. Complete with a battery, this is a great solution for camping and hiking. In addition to solar energy, the wind and water energy sector was also represented, although on a smaller scale. We were especially interested in the development from the company "Applied Technologies" for the use of wave energy - a float wave power plant. According to the developers, this technology can convert energy into electricity even from the smallest waves - from 20 cm high. The technology is still at the development stage, but we hope that it will be available on the market soon.

Although Renwex is a relatively small exhibition, it provides a good cross-section of the industry and an opportunity to get more in-depth knowledge of the topic of renewable energy.