BSFL-butter: sustainable alternative to palm oil and more

Can Black Soldier Flies help reduce palm oil plantations and rainforest loggings? Yes, they can. Because BSF larvae are a great source of nutrient-rich butter, which could potentially replace palm oil. 

The butter is obtained by direct pressing the dried BSF larvae and can serve as an environmentally friendly alternative to palm oil. The butter has a composition similar to coconut and palm oil. It contains lauric, myristic and palmitic acids, monounsaturated fatty acids (omega 9, myristoleic acid, omega 7) and polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 6, omega 3). Its production does not require large areas of land, big amounts of electricity or water.

Meticulous Research published a large research on BSFL butter, predicting market growth of 21.1% per year, reaching $72 million by 2029. 

Where can be BSFL butter used? 
Two key sectors have already taken advantage of this promising component: livestock farming and cosmetics production.

In farming, BSFL butter is used as a feed additive for cattle and poultry. A recent study has shown that BSFL butter can partially or completely replace soybean oil in the feedstock diet. Animals gain weight just as well, but at the same time develop stronger immunity due to the antibacterial properties of BSF larvae. 

Cosmetics industry is already using BSFL butter as the basis for personal care products: hand creams, soaps. Due to the high content of lauric and linoleic acids, BSFL butter-based cosmetics perfectly nourish the skin, moisturize and even have anti-age properties. 

Insect-based cosmectics
In May we produced a test batch of personal care products based on BSFL butter: a nourishing hand cream and a bar soap. Both products have a natural, hypoallergenic composition: no paraffins, silicones, synthetic oils and fragrances. Instead - natural oils and natural fragrances based on essential oils. The ingredients are COSMOS Ecocert approved.

The hand cream
Thanks to BSFL butter, we’ve achieved an incredibly nourishing formula. Its secret is omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 fatty acids, as well as lauric acid. BSFL butter protects, softens and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Active components - betaine, allantoin, d-panthenol, as well as plant extracts of chamomile and calendula regenerate, nourish, soothe and fill with vitamins. The cream has a pleasant weightless texture, is quickly absorbed and leaves a delicate aroma of jasmine.

Soap bar
It is based on saponified oils of olive, cocoa, castor oil (castor oil) and BSFL butter, that provides an antimicrobial and antibacterial effect. It gently cleanses and moisturizes. Essential oils of eucalyptus, palmarosa and ylang-ylang moisturize, nourish and relieve inflammation.